Rust Conqueror UV


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Please note due to circumstances beyond our control all Xtroll products are classified as ‘Dangerous Goods’.
This product can not be shipped via Australia Post. Please Contact us on 0414 283 028 to arrange pick up or delivery with our courier for a $25 flat rate within the Perth Metro Area.

Rust Conqueror UV is a powerful rust penetrating, moisture repelling clear varnish like coating. It penetrates the rust layers while impregnating the underlying metal surfaces, creating a 99% pore free isolating film. It embeds rust in its substance and bonds the rust back to the surface. It will stop further under film corrosion.

Rust Conqueror UV has exceptionally high penetration ability to migrate into seams, as well as encapsulating existing rust, isolating it from the atmosphere, and bonding it back to the metal surface.

It stops existing rust AND prevents further rust in all light, medium and heavy vehicles, trailers, fixed plant, buildings, wash areas coal prep plants, etc

XTROLL Rust Conqueror UV:

  • Powerful rust penetrating, moisture repelling clear varnish-like coating
  • Dries to a clear, hard wearing varnish-like finish, that is dry and flexible
  • Leaves a barrier that is highly resistant to acids and chemicals
  • No toxic fumes
  • Primes, seals and penetrates a wide range of material surfaces
  • Little preparation
  • Suitable for all metals and other materials
  • Coverage up to 30sq m/Litre (by brush, spray, roller, etc)
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Smooth finish acts as a mud repellent to make cleaning easier
  • Can be painted over
  • Environmentally safe organic based product

XTROLL Rust Conqueror UV is simple to apply. Remove loose scale and apply to rusted areas. When the rusted area retains a gloss look, it is correctly treated. A matt look requires further Xtroll to fully seal and encapsulate the rust. Apply coats wet on wet until the gloss look is achieved. The badly oxidized paint takes on a rejuvenated look with the UV stable Xtroll coating. And that gloss finish is easy to keep clean. Ideal for earthmovers & farm equipment…especially cane harvestors!!

 ** Please note due to circumstances beyond our control Xtroll products are classified as Dangerous Goods.

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