FTC Decarbonizer


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Black smoke? Power loss? Fouled EGR valves? Clogged diesel particulate filters?
Carbon build up in diesel combustion chambers, turbos, DPF’s and EGRs might be due to excessive city driving, light work, excess idling or other factors.
Doesn’t matter! They are signs of poor fuel combustion. FTC Decarbonizer acts as a combustion catalyst to burn carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, and to burn fuel faster, easier and cleaner! 25% longer engine life.

  • Restores power and economy
  • Reduces oil use
  • Deglazes and de-cokes enginesCleans fuel injectors
  • Cuts smoke
  • Fast cold starts
  • Cleans up diesel particulate filters
  • Extends turbocharger life
  • Kills diesel fuel growths

Fix the root cause with FTC Decarbonizer! Stop smoke, increase power, reduce fuel costs, avoid expensive engine rebuilds. It burns fuel cleaner producing less soot! And actively burns off existing carbon … to keep it at bay! FTC Decarbonizer cleans the combustion chamber including piston, rings, valves, and seats and restores cross-hatching. 6 – 9% increased fuel economy equals free fuel while you deglaze your engine. Before rebuilding try FTC! it can save you thousands. Kills the dreaded fuel bug dead! Does not emulsify water into fuel like some cheaper fuel treatments do.

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