CRD Fuel Enhancer for common Rail Engines


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Noisy injector rattle from your Diesel engine? Poor economy & performance?
Fine tolerances, high pressure & high temperatures of CRD fuel systems can break down the diesel.
Deposits form and injector lubrication suffers, causing injector hesitation, over-fuelling and detonation rattles.

CRD Fuel Enhancer is THE most effective fuel system for common rail diesels!

It quickly and easily fixes the root cause:

  • Provides amazingly long injector life
  • Real protection against contaminated diesel
  • Eliminates or minimizes injector rattle
  • Pristine clean fuel systems
  • Strongest boost to diesel lubricity
  • Exceptional rust protection
  • Optimizes torque and economy
  • Save your expensive injectors with CRD Fuel Enhancer.

Get rid of rattle, reduce smoke, increase power, reduce fuel consumption.
Modern fuel is killing injectors on common rail fuel systems.
Simply add CRD Fuel Enhancer to the tank and save thousands on injector repairs.
Ongoing use keeps the problems at bay!

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